Six Pillars of the 10th Element

These are the Six Pillars of our 10th Element of Hip Hop health & wellness program that we will spread around the world through our chapters.

10th Element of Hip Hop is Health & Wellness – (The practice of wellbeing, self-discovery while living in balance with ourselves and the planet). People in Hip Hop that are on a personal mission to achieve and promote holistic health through a new lifestyle that has taken on many forms, such as


plant based eating

organic gardening



food justice

animal rights activism.


Health & Wellness is the study of the inner voice and the connection to the soul. It is in this silence and introspection that we find our true selves and through this self-discovery it has led many in Hip Hop to share this knowledge with one another. This path leads us to make the connection to all living things, the animals, the forest, the seas and our environment and challenges us to make a change as a society.