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What we do

Hip Hop is Green provides cultural and educational events and programs, 

empowering community leadership, and connecting communities to health and wellness resources.


Hip Hop is Green supports holistic health and the transformation of urban communities

 Vision: Our vision is to be the world’s resource for everything Hip Hop and green. We empower people to lead healthy lives.

 Hip Hop is Green (HHIG) is a pioneering movement led by a team of artists and performers that use the power and influence of Hip Hop to speak to youth and spark positive changes in their lives. 

HHIG provides powerful, life changing programs for undeserved, low income urban youth and their fami

lies in areas of health and wellness through creative media and live events.

 The Hip Hop Green Dinner is our most successful project and it is the first and only event in the world combining Hip Hop and serving full vegan meals to youth and families and over the last couple of years we produced the first ever plant based Hip Hop tours in history - the Hip Hop is Green tour and the 10th Element of Hip Hop Health & Wellness Tour.

 For the past eight years Hip Hop is Green (HHIG) has lead & created a healthy living movement that has generated a buzz through the many events we have produced around the country and we have assembled the largest team of vegan Hip Hop artists, chefs, authors, naturopathic doctors and health speakers. To date we have served almost 5000 vegan meals to youth and families.

 We are on the vanguard of the new trend of people open to health, wellness and discovering new products.  

We are the pioneers in this new Green Age of Hip Hop and we make being healthy cool to youth people and families. 




Doc G Represents for Hip Hop is Green on Supreme Master TV

NYC Hip Hop is Green- Crowdfunding event- June 29-July 1st

Shout out to Doc G of our New York Hip Hop is Green chapter for putting together a event to support our crowdfunding campaign!!

So thankful for Urban Vegan Kitchen stepping up and supporting Hip Hop is Green and the movement !! We raised almost $2000 !!!





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We all know that the most important thing we have on this earth is our health. We can't live our life's purpose without good health. We can't enjoy life without good health, we can't support ourselves or our families without good health, and we can't even participate in Hip Hop Kulture without good health. So it is known (and goes without saying) that good health is one of the most spiritual things we can have as human beings! To ingest food into our being so that it adds to our life force is a spiritual experience connecting us with the universe.
Many of us have been on a personal mission to achieve and promote holistic health for many years. Often, this personal mission has turned into a new lifestyle that has taken on many forms, such as veganism, vegetarianism, raw foods, organic gardening, fitness, yoga, meditation, animal rights, activism and food justice.
Through these forms we have gained much knowledge, wisdom and understanding about ourselves, our kulture and the planet, and therefore have come to the conclusion that it would be best for our kulture to formally move in the direction of Health and Wellness. Hip Hop is the drumbeat for the whole world and if Hip Hop Kulture moves towards Health and Wellness, the world will move towards Health and Wellness. The addition of this new element will be a major step towards our goal of Health Inside People & Health Outside People!