Day 45 of the Pursuit of a Green Planet

This is day 45 of my vegan journey in our film Pursuit of a Green Planet.

Today my blood pressure is right around 119/79 it stays around that area and my BPM is in the 50s. I am down to 218 pounds from 240 where I was when I start the project on July 1 and I'm feeling lighter.

Workouts are getting better. Still working on my form. This workout was very challenging I was sweating and a lot of cardio.

Here is a list of the full workout that I did today.

Warm up run.

4x rounds
T push ups x 10
X jumps x 10
Prisoner squat x 20
Chair dips x 20
Sprawls x 10
Plank bicep curls slow x 10
High knees 60 sec
Can squeeze 60 sec

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