Hip Hop Green Dinners

What is a Hip Hop Green Dinner?

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Hip Hop Green Dinners are a National Health Initiative set in urban communities and designed to introduce new people, especially youth, to delicious, healthy vegan food. The Green Dinners are most attendees' first introduction to a vegan meal and are a perfect combination of information and entertainment. Also invited are top National speakers and performance artists in the health and food justice movement.

The Green Dinners serve as a bridge between local stakeholders such as organic farmers, chefs, grocery stores, fitness professionals and urban youth who will benefit from their knowledge and expertise. They are designed to be a catalyst in local communities for our on-going program that connects young people to a wide array of healthy food and lifestyle options in their area.

The end result of our curriculum are youth that will proactively augment their own health and food choices based on being connected to and learning from local health resources.  The green dinner very important because it will kick off a new direction of health in our communities, a direction where youth and their families can be directly plugged into real life learning resources that will empower them to lead healthy lives. We have already begun to identify businesses and people in each area of our health curriculum, such as Organic Farming, Food Knowledge, Food Preparation and Food Entrepreneurialism.

What Happens at a Hip Hop Green Dinner?

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Thank you to Toni Okamoto of  Plant Based on a Budget

The Hip Hop Green Dinners are a community based vegetarian dining experience geared towards urban youth and young people who identify with Hip Hop culture. The dinners are designed to be a perfect combination of information and entertainment.  By breaking bread and sharing information in a relaxed and entertaining environment, the Hip Hop Green Dinners help youth make the connection between their diet, lifestyle and their health.

Attendees of a Green Dinner can expect:
•A beautiful dining presentation
•To taste some of the best vegetarian food available in their area
•To witness some groundbreaking Hip Hop performances and meet the artists involved
•To meet and learn about healthy eating and living from leading health professionals
•To network with agencies, organizations, businesses and individuals in their area who can help them transition to a healthier lifestyle.
•To learn about the Pursuit of a Green Planet film project and how they can support the production effort.

Hosting a Green Dinner in Your Community

The Hip Hop Green Dinners are local support community based events that are free to the attending youth and organizations. In order to host a Hip Hop Green Dinner in your community we will partner with you to develop a local network of sponsors, supporters and event partners. The Hip Hop is Green production team will work with you to coordinate the talent and food program and develop a marketing plan to promote the event to the community and the media.

We will co-host the event with our primary partner(s) in each community to make sure the event is a success.

To learn more about how you can bring a Hip Hop Green Dinner to your community contact:
Keith Tucker
Founder Hip is Green