Food Justice

Food Justice

Food Justice is one of the six pillars of the 10th Element of Hip Hop Health & wellness program. We will educate on food justice issues here soon. Our goal is education and policy change in schools and communities.We should be able to organize meetings so that the community is well informed about how food, corporations, policy makers impact their overall health & wellness and some of the things that we can do to protect themselves.  






Dr. Breeze Harper 










Dr. A. Breeze Harper is a diversity strategist and analyst with Critical Diversity Solutions and the founder of the Sistah Vegan Project. Dr. Harper has a PhD in Social Science with emphasis on leveraging diversity challenges for social impact. She holds a MA in Educational Technologies (emphasis in black feminist theory, social impact, and educational technologies) from Harvard University, where she received the Dean’s Award for her master’s thesis work. She earned her BA in feminist geography from Dartmouth College and received the Innovative Thesis award for her work on heterosexism in rural geographies. She has 10+ years career experience as a diversity and inclusion consultant, ranging from curriculum development, to conference planning, to research and reporting, to publishing books and articles. Harper is also an accomplished writer.

AshEL “Seasunz” Eldridge  

MA. Transpersonal Psychology, originally from Chicago, now resides in Berkeley, Ca.
He is the founder of Earth Amplified, a multimedia arts collective and spiritual activist movement dedicated to restoring the balance within the people and with the planet through spiritual liberation. AshEL was a Northern California Education and Media Manager with the Alliance for Climate Education and a Green For All Fellow. He is a co-founder of United Roots – Oakland’s Green Youth Arts and Media Center and the founder of SOS Juice. S.O.S (System out of our System) Juice, a a nonprofit/for profit promoting health equity, social entrepreneurship, and spiritual liberation. He also co-leads Urban Farmacy, focusing on vertical urban farms, mindfulness, and entrepreneurship. Currently, he consults and coaches millennial men and women on unblocking their creativity, unleashing their voice, and leading trans formative organizations.


Trayce McQuirter 







Tracye is a 30-year vegan, national best-selling author, public health nutritionist, international speaker, and vegan trailblazer. She was named a national food hero changing the way America eats for the better by Vegetarian Times, and her national best-seller, By Any Greens Necessary, was the number one recommended vegan book on The Huffington Post. For 25 years, she's been teaching people throughout the United States and abroad how and why to go vegan for better health. She's been featured in more than 100 media outlets, including CBS News, Fox News, The Huffington Post, and The Washington Post. Tracye has a master's degree in public health nutrition from New York University.


Chef Bryant Terry 

Bryant Terry is a 2015 James Beard Foundation Leadership Award-winning chef, educator, and author renowned for his activism to create a healthy, just, and sustainable food system. He is currently the Chefin-Residence at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, and All Things Considered among many other publications. Bryant’s fourth book, Afro Vegan was published by Ten Speed Press/Random House April 2014. Just 2 months after publication, Afro-Vegan was named by one of the best cookbooks of 2014. In December it was nominated for an NAACP Image Award in the Outstanding Literary Work category.