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Leg day today

Leg extensions (orange hoist)
-15@5 slow reps

Leg curl (orange hoist)

Angled leg press
-15@2 plates
-10@3 plates
-10@4 plates
-10@50 plates
-25@3 plates

-50- holding 2 (10lb) weights

Farmers walk 
-35 pounds each hand around the Gym.

Done da da!

2014 Seattle Youth Hip Hop Green Dinner

2014 Seattle Youth Hip Hop Green Dinner APRIL 21st from 3-7 BROUGHT TO YOU BY The Green Dinners are most attendee’s first introduction to a vegan meal and are a perfect combination of information and entertainment. Invited are top National speakers and performance artists in the health and food justice movement. The Green Dinners serve…
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Day 45 of the Pursuit of a Green Planet

This is day 45 of my vegan journey in our film Pursuit of a Green Planet. Today my blood pressure is right around 119/79 it stays around that area and my BPM is in the 50s. I am down to 218 pounds from 240 where I was when I start the project on July 1…
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