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The 2012 Portland Youth Hip Hop Green Dinner hosted by The Center for Self Enhancement (SEI) took place on October 25th 2012 at 5:00pm-6:30. Over 200 Youth and adults came out and participated in an evening of Health, Hip Hop and Wellness. We started out with a welcome from Keith Tucker and Mekai. They shared Mekai’s list of the “Keys to Success in Life” and left the Youth with one idea in their mind, “Think before you eat”. Next we had a few inspiring words about the importance of Health from Mr. Tony Hopson the fonder of SEI.

Then we had various performances from local artists such as, Hanifa Abioto and Amenta Abioto with speakers woven into the line up. Molly Ainsley of Sorta Sausage, a local vegan business, spoke about the connection between what you eat and the Earth. Dj Cavem Motivation, who is a strict Vegan Hip Hop artist performed and showed his video about Organic Gardening and Veganism and performed songs off his album “the Produce Section”. Also Vegan Hip Hop Artist Seasunz performed and showed a Video called “Food Fight” off his latest album “Earth Amplified”. It was great to see that the Youth enjoyed the ECO Hip Hop performances and had a good time while learning new concepts of health and wellness that were keenly woven into every performance. It was a good balance of education and entertainment.

After performances we then broke out to enjoy the Vegan meal prepared by Chef Wanda Abioto “the Green Lady”. On the menu was Southern Cacao Barbeque Soy Curl Sandwiches (Super Food) | Creamy Cracked Pepper Slaw (Living Food) | Ghanian Black Eye Pea Soup | Baked Sweat Potato with Coconut/Vanilla sauce | House Salad w/Vegan ranch Spirilina Dressing (Super Food and Living Food) | Basil/Spearmint Tea

This is the point in the event where you can measure your success as good tasting healthy Vegan food is most important. You only get one chance to impress youth with Vegan food. We really felt wonderful when the Young people tried the food and loved it. Everyone was talking about the fact that Vegan food taste good and is healthy. An early report from staff at the school was that one girl even wants to go Veg from attending our event. This is  news!

But the Green Dinner did not stop there because after the dinner we all went into the atrium where we had booths set up with various Vegan food samples from Local and National businesses and products. Such as Hemp and Coconut products from our Sponsor Nutiva, Vegan food from the Veggie Grill, Beans from Better Beas co, Drinks from our friends at Good Belly, Almond and Vanilla soy milk from Pacific Foods, Vegan Ice Cream from Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss and vegan information from community partners Vegfest and the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM). Plus photos and monster makeup for the youth at the Peta -Flesh is for Zombies booth. As people all left for the evening I felt they enjoyed the good food, the good atmosphere and new information on their mind. I am so proud of our event and can’t wait to hold these all around the country and the World.








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