Portland Youth Hip Hop Green Dinner | Crowd Funding Campaign


Where are all the Vegans and Health advocates at? I know you are out there. I see the many thousands of posts you make everyday. It is great to see them. But can we go past posting, friending and the Like button for this worthy endeavor that we are striving for right now?


So far we have a few people that have stepped up to contribute. We do appreciate them so much! But it going to take a lot more people stepping up to make it a success. Am I making my message clear enough for you? If not call me directly. 206-234-9565. I will speak with anyone that is concerned about our young people and their health.


We have a well though out plan and our goal is simple: We serve Youth their first Vegan meal and introduce them to healthy lifestyle choices. Our full campaign launch will come soon. But just know that from this point on I am only thinking of one thought. I'm eating, breathing, speaking and focusing only on raising the funds for the Portland Youth Hip Hop Green Dinner.

I am asking you to please contribute and encourage your friends to do the same. If you are in the Northwest contact me as I am conducting presentations day and night. If you are not in the Northwest I can do Skype presentations anytime. I will speak to groups, community organizations,churches and whoever.

The health of our youth and everyone in our community is one of the most important issues we can help address NOW! We hope you feel the same.

PS: To everyone on Facebook: Clicking the LIKE button is cool and I appreciate it. But we need to do more than that to reach our Young people! Click on the CAMPAIGN LINK link and then choose a perk and then c lick on CLAIM THIS PERK. It is as simple as that to directly affect a young persons life. This is what we are running this campaign for.
Thank you!
Keith Tucker


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