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We all know that the most important thing we have on this earth is our health. We can't live our life's purpose without good health. We can't enjoy life without good health, we can't support ourselves or our families without good health, and we can't even participate in Hip Hop Kulture without good health. So it is known (and goes without saying) that good health is one of the most spiritual things we can have as human beings! To ingest food into our being so that it adds to our life force is a spiritual experience connecting us with the universe.
Many of us have been on a personal mission to achieve and promote holistic health for many years. Often, this personal mission has turned into a new lifestyle that has taken on many forms, such as veganism, vegetarianism, raw foods, organic gardening, fitness, yoga, meditation, animal rights, activism and food justice.
Through these forms we have gained much knowledge, wisdom and understanding about ourselves, our kulture and the planet, and therefore have come to the conclusion that it would be best for our kulture to formally move in the direction of Health and Wellness. Hip Hop is the drumbeat for the whole world and if Hip Hop Kulture moves towards Health and Wellness, the world will move towards Health and Wellness. The addition of this new element will be a major step towards our goal of Health Inside People & Health Outside People!






Easy A.D. Harris

New York Coordinator

Adrian Harris, k10544326_10152569824361100_4708269467201397984_nnown as Easy A.D. to his fans, has rapped about street life in the South Bronx as a member of the Cold Crush Brothers, a group that is among the pioneers of hip-hop. Now Mr. Harris also raps about broccoli. Easy leads Hip Hop as our resident Hip Hop expert and program ambassador. He performs at school-based programs, spreading the message of healthy lifestyle choices through the culture of Hip Hop.


Chef Chandra Lee

Holistic Nutritionist | Herbalist | Raw Vegan Chef

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Holistic Nutritionist, Herbalist, Gourmet Vegan Chef, Kangen Water Distributor and Spokesperson for Vegan Living.
I work hands-on with Individuals and groups as a Private Chef, Caterer, Herbalist, Nutrition Consultant, Nutrition | Food Writer and Spokesperson.

I am completely dedicated and have a Passion for educating the masses with my Holistic approach to Nutrition, Food and Wellness. I studied Nutrition and Food for 14 years and possess a Master of Science degree in Nutrition from New York University.




Tiffany Newton "Tiffanydenise"
NYC Hip Hop Green Dinner Coordinator

Wellness & Social Entrepreneur, Board Certified Naturopath & Holistic Nutritionist, speaker, author, presenter, and personality, Tiffany Denise endeavors to inspire, empower and motivate people to take action in the area of transforming their lives via Wellness of mind/body and spirit.

Realizing the profound impact a holistic approach has in the very world we inhabit and the relationships we form, Tiffany Denise garners the attention of professionals in various fields who are simply looking to raise the bar for themselves. Through her ‘muse' like approach Tiffany helps them understand the mind/body/spirit connection and gives them practical ways to make lifestyle enhancements and transformations.


Coalition for Healthy School Food


The Coalition for Healthy School Food (CHSF) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that introduces plant-based foods and nutrition education in schools to educate the whole school community. CHSF – Changing how schools feed kids. (We do business as New York Coalition for Healthy School Food. Our legal name is New York Coalition for Healthy School Lunches.)