Pursuit of a Green Planet 

Between a world where the word green is linked to large cars, gold jewelry and excessive consumption and a world where the word green is linked to fuel efficient cars, organic living and sustainable use stands radio host, martial artist and first generation Hip Hoppa Keith Tucker.  As concert promoter, radio journalist, hip hop activist and former crack addict,  Keith dares to suggest that hip hop culture can shake the current stigma of violence, materialism and sexism and reclaim its original place as a progressive social force. In this, the first documentary that explores the hip-hop generation’s relationship to the Green movement, our hope is to inspire a new generation to become leaders in the quest for a sustainable human society.

Keith is a regular guy who will become a living experiment as he makes the radical transition from your average American diet and lifestyle to a truly green, organic vegan lifestyle. He will be our guide on a journey of discovery as we learn how our food today actually makes us sick, the role corporation’s play in determining what we consume, the history of chemicals in our food chain, how our everyday eating habits can become deadly and what we can do to combat these realities.

Picking up where “Super Size Me” and "Soulfood Junkies" left off the film will answer the questions: What happens if you go all the way Vegan? What does it mean to go Green? If I shouldn’t eat most of the food I am used to what should I eat? Will it taste good? Will I feel like I am missing out on something by eating Plant Based? What happens if you ate nothing but organic food? What benefits are there to eating and living organically? Picking up where shows like “The Biggest Loser” and “Workout” leave off, the film will illustrate how, through green living, you can not only lose weight, but fine tune your body to be the highly efficient machine it was designed to be.

Our documentary will bring its message forth with a bold Hip-Hop voice. The pacing, score and visual style will speak to younger audiences without compromising the integrity of its message. Our producers are committed activists, experienced journalists, and respected scholars. We are working on signing on one  of the entertainment industry’s hottest film and music video directors to collaborate with and take the lead on shaping the creative vision and voice of the project. Our goal is to push the envelope for the documentary genre and capture the minds and imagination of young people while speaking to older viewers as well.


I Stic Man of the group Dead Prez am very interested in being a part of the film project Pursuit of a Green Planet with Keith Tucker. I have been a vegetarian for many years and have been speaking about the issues that affect our world when it comes to eating meat and processed food as well as how we treat each other and our environment.

This film will be very educational for young people and help many people get the knowledge that they need to live healthy productive and fulfilling lives. It is my hope that this film will become a catalyst for young people to make positive changes in their lives through this new energy that’s being put in Hip Hop culture.

The future of planet Earth is going to be determined by the information we give to our young people and how we reach and teach the next generation.I will be honored to be a part of this very important project film in the areas of interview subject and consultant.-Stic Man- Dead Prez

Bringing the green message to the fortunate few is easy. Bringing the green message to the masses is another story. Keith Tucker is a man with passion and the talent to make it happen. Keith’s mission is to bring the narrative of a new, green way of living to the Hip Hop culture. I have personally witnessed Keith’s energy and ability to bridge cultures; to make it green AND hip. Its leaders like Keith who will define a new way of being as America moves into a fresh paradigm of sustainability and compassion.

My company will be sponsoring Keith, in the making of this documentary “Pursuit of a Green Planet” and in the community green dinner events he is now organizing across the country.

Please join me and support this unique man.
-David Lee- President - Field Roast Grainmeat Company