Hip Hop is Green (HHIG)- Team

When you’re looking for opportunities to give and support we hope our organization will align with your values.  If you are like so many generous people you understand that opportunities to give to projects that directly make positive and sustainable change in people’s lives is where your dollars make the greatest impact

In these times when preventable illness, like childhood, type 2 diabetes, are affecting our underprivileged youth at staggering, disproportionate rates, we know your dollars will help.  And, when these same children are finding it difficult to achieve in school partly due to nutritional deficits, the information and confidence they gain from these events can change the trajectory of their lives.

Whether youth choose to actually eat those greens like kale and spinach instead of salt, fat and sugar or not, we know you appreciate helping them having the knowledge to make the right choice. So please consider making as large of a gift as you can.

A typical Hip Hop Green Dinner, with all its education, celebrity, and of course, healthy food, supporting at least 250 students cost us at an average of $50 per student. We are very grateful when generous people and sponsors step up.  Your support will change a child’s life and we sincerely appreciate your generous donation.







Please make a donation to our the first ever Plant Based Hip Hop magazine. These magazines are free to all who attend our event and a great tool to get youth and families excited and informed about health & Wellness. Your donation will cover print cost. Click the ABOVE GREEN DONATION BUTTON OR MAGAZINE COVER PHOTO

                                             Please donate 10-25-50 or 100.