So on September 5th 2015 we held the first ever Big Burger Battle for our Hip Hop Green Dinners.

We served Vegan burgers made with Field Roast and Vegenaise.

Seattle is the champion and anybody can come and see if you can take our title!

BBB Score Board







 People that came out we in store for a wonderful surprise and all the feedback was good, they loved it!! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported in all three cities and thank you to Greg and Naijha Wright of the land of Kush, thank you to the Queen of Green - Lauren Von Der Pool. Thank you to Chef Ariel, Farmer Mel Cloyd, Megan Hauki, Yuki Suren, Anika Lehde, Christie Lagally and the vegan community. Thank you to my family Levias, Tucker and Farr who came and supported. Thank you to our sponsors Field Roast and Follow Your Heart, makers of Vegenaise. Thank you to the Collaboratory for the great location we will be back again and if I forget anyone just know I appreciate you and your help!  Check all the photos here:
 Funds raised went to serve a healthy meal to youth and families around the country at one of our Hip Hop Green Dinner
events. We will serve some of the best tasting Vegan burgers to our supporters, friends, family and the vegan community. We can't do it without your help! So come out donate and enjoy some of the best vegan burgers! 
Anika and Cliff BBB
BBB Event 1
Happy Customers 2
Farr BBB
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