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Baltimore Coordinator


Naijha Wright  - Co-owner of and Director of Marketing for The Land of Kush, a vegan soul food restaurant located in Baltimore, MD


Naijha, through her strategic marketing initiatives, the restaurant experienced exponential growth within four years of opening. She develops relationships and collaborates with local businesses, non-profit organizations, schools and churches who share in the mission of promoting dietary, ethical, or environmental veganism. Naijha, also, co-founded and organizes Vegan SoulFest, an annual vegan festival catered to Baltimore's inner city communities. Ms. Wright has spoken and made appearances at radio stations, schools and community events throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C.




Baltimore Coordinator

Chef Greg Brown  - Chef Greg Brown had no intentions on becoming a chef. He fell into it by necessity.

Greg Headshot

He always had the vision to own a restaurant that catered to the health conscious crowd. He became a vegetarian in the late 90’s. He found a cook book on vegetarianism and decided to clean out his refrigerator and cabinets of all animal products and be a vegan. The only issue was he had never cooked like this before and some of the foods in the book were completely new to him. He was always taught that you can learn anything and with that mentality, he began to teach himself how to cook. He took a couple of years to research and put together a business plan and he returned with The Land of Kush (an all vegan restaurant in Baltimore City).





Baltimore Coordinator

Ingrid Antonio - Independent Public Relations and Communications Professional




Ingrid is a creative, inquisitive & resourceful person, gifted in dealing with the public & highly experienced with local and state government officials. Currently, as a producer and risk communicator she skillfully sifts through a variety of information to find a logical way to convey that same information to intended audiences. She has also been able to navigate my journalism career, handle government communications, media relations and coordinate media events as a public information officer. She is knowledgeable of what editors and reporters search for in story pitches & press releases and understands how to get media attention while meeting the needs of the representative and communicating an organization’s key message.