10th Element of Hip Hop Concert


2017 10th Element of Hip Hop Tour will be announced soon



2016- The third annual Hip Hop Green Dinner kicked off Oakland Ready to Live Weekend. The Hip Hop Green Diner was first up and took place on September 22nd at the Berkeley Aspire Maynard Academy. It was brought to all by Akonandi Foundation and Outdoor Afro as well as many other local organizations.


We want to thank everyone who came out to support our Oakland -Ready to Live Weekend.
We were able to serve hundreds of youth and families healthy plant based food. We were able to produce 3 events in two days reaching nearly 1000 people. We were able to serve many youth and families and people were inspired and informed about health, wellness, the environment and animal abuse issues.

OAKLAND- Are you Ready to Live?


This concert event was in  response to the diet related illnesses, post traumatic slave syndrome, and violence in our communities. Hip Hop is Green provides holistic health and transformation for urban communities via Hip-Hop Green Dinners, Speaker Series, and Concerts. Part of Hip-Hop Is Green's mission is also to promote the 10th Element of Hip-Hop: Health and Wellness.

This year on April 21st Hip Hop is Green the largest plant based Hip Hop organization in the World held a legendary event in New York- The 10th Element of Hip Hop Health & Wellness ceremony where Hip Hop culture was changed forever. It was the vision of Hip Hop is Green's Founder KEITH TUCKER along with STIC of Dead Prez, EZ AD of the Cold Crush, STYLES P, SA ROC, JOHN SALLEY, LAUREN VONDERPOOL, SUPANOVA SLUM, ASHEL SEASUNZ along with many others that were instrumental in adding Health & Wellness as the 10th Element of Hip Hop Culture.

We did this as a unified group all with the mission of bringing health & wellness to our people. This concert is a celebration of this historical new 10th Element of Hip Hop culture.

Slide10Health & Wellness – (The practice of wellbeing, self-discovery while living in balance with ourselves and the planet). People in Hip Hop that are a personal mission to achieve and promote holistic health and this personal mission is a lifestyle has taken on many forms, such as plant based eating, organic gardening, fitness, meditation, sobriety, food justice and animal rights activism.
It is the study of the inner voice and the connection to the soul. It is in this silence and introspection that we find our true selves and through this self-discovery it has led many in Hip Hop to share this knowledge with one another. This path leads us to make the connection to all living things, the animals, the forest, the seas and our environment and challenges us to make a change as a society.